Vinyasa flow basics - learn the foundation of yoga postures and poses.  Connect movement to breath and begin to work out some of the kinks...find your rhythm in this slower pace sequence.

* Over-Easy Morning class, pairs the above with optional balances.


This form of yoga uses a three-fold method of posture, breath and gaze point. These help bring focus, concentration as well as stillness, to the mind...while building strength, flexibility and endurance to the body.


This slow-paced style of yoga, are postures and asanas held for longer periods of time - - targeting connective tissues; generally in hips, pelvis and lower spine.  With soft, deep, lengthening breaths...1 to 5 minutes...challenge how far you will take yourself.


This is an exhilarating.  Refresh, energize and flow, as you link breath and movement...

becomes meditation in motion.


A powerful, energetic form of yoga.  Fluidly move from one pose to the next while looping breath to transition.  Focus, slow down, allowing yourself to hold poses longer to build strength.  The heat will assist flexibility and make your practice a vigorous and revitalizing form of physical fitness...taking you to an EDGE.


Combine gentle deep yoga poses and trigger point release techniques, to reduce soreness and gain range of motion.  Individual student needs will be addressed, therefore each class is unique.


Straps - have remained a mystery for too long; hung on the wall and have become invisible because their use is often unknown...until now.  This class encompasses what a strap can do for YOU and your practice. We will dive deeper into poses, intensify stretches, learn how straps can assist in alignment and MUCH MORE! Straps can take your practice to the next level - with ease, you will be shown what your body is capable of. Our traditional yoga flow will be paired with a couple pose "break downs" and education on how the strap can be incorporated in different ways. Each week will be different, all poses will be explored, and the strap will become one of your favorite yoga props. 


Through the fundamentals of a Vinyasa, this class is designed to increase core, muscle strength and flexibility.  With the use of free-weights, find yourself through timed movements, repetitions and a little cardio!  These sequences are an all encompassing, total body workout - - fun and high-intensity!...

for mind, body and soul.  KWONDO * Extra cardio and martial art movements.


This unique practice combines, Pilates, Ballet and Yoga.  Movement to give you beautiful, sculpted lean muscles, without the impact and injuries dancers endure.  The aspect of the BARRE itself, demands your focus.